Practice Based Research in Art & Design
Conference, 1-3 December,
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Since the 1990s, numerous art colleges and universities in Europe have established degree programmes in Artistic Research and Design Research. These programmes encourage artists and designers to develop their own epistemological and methodical approaches to concrete problems which differ from purely scientific and artistic / design approaches. In view of the different forms of these disciplines and the development of PhD programmes at various universities, it appears that interdisciplinary, hybrid forms of knowledge and their corresponding methods can neither be comprehensively depicted nor disciplinarily organized. As doctoral candidates in the PhD programme "Art and Design/Fine Art" (PhD by Project) at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, we are committed to exploring and understanding Artistic Research and Design Research in its numerous manifestations and exchanging information with one another regarding new techniques, tools and cultural-theoretical references. At this conference on practice-based research in art and design, we wish to demonstrate the research methods in creative processes, artistic strategies, their results and artefacts, and discuss how they may be integrated into our academic classification system. In order to differentiate between potential research clusters, we are interested in collaborating and intensively sharing expertise with individuals and organizations in the field of design research and artistic research.

Along with a publication, we wish to employ other formats that will enable us to establish long-term cooperation and exchange in the future.

On the PhD programme in Art & Design / Fine Art / Media Art

This doctoral degree programme offers advanced academic qualification to artists and designers who have already attained a master's degree or Diplom from a college / university of art or design. The three-year programme concludes with a doctoral thesis, equally comprised of a scientific part and artistic / design part (PhD by Project). With this requirement the Faculty of Art and Design offers a PhD degree like no other in Germany with dual qualification in both practical and academic areas. Both qualifications can be applied to the field of teaching and instruction, art exhibition, cultural event management, or at cultural institutions.
The curriculum of the three-year degree programme is chiefly designed to support the candidate's scientific research, conducted in concentrated periods of two weekseach during the academic term.