Call for Workshops

Theory and practice of research-based processes where art, design and science overlap

As part of the "Conference on Practice-Based Research in Art and Design", which will take place at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar from 1 to 3 December 2011, we would like to encourage the productive exchange between theory and practice of research-based processes in art and design in a workshop format. The conference is being developed and organized by the doctoral candidates in the PhD programme "Art and Design/Fine Art" (PhD by Project) at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in cooperation with advising professors and coordinators.

The workshop programme will offer participants a place where developments in the fields of Artistic Research and Design Research, and their corresponding forms of reflection, can be practically examined and theoretically substantiated. The workshops will be a chance for participants to share their expertise on the thought processes and positions in research-based processes in Product Design, Visual Communication, Fine Art, Design Theory and Visual Science, in combination with the performance and presentation forms of each of these research areas. The workshops will also serve as a platform for discussion between experts from an array of scientific, artistic and design disciplines.

We invite you to submit proposals for workshops, which can be completed within two and a half hours. We are especially interested in the following questions: What methods and procedures distinguish your area of research/practice? What networks play an orientating role in your research work? What opportunities does your academic institution offer in terms of structured Research and Artistic Research?

The workshops may be theoretical or practical in nature and may include other central issues of Artistic Research and Design Research, such as:

Please submit your workshop proposals using the provided online form to by 15 June, 2011. Please include a two-page abstract describing the goals and the anticipated results of the workshop, the planned activities, your background and methods, as well as any technical equipment you will need for your presentation.

A jury of students and instructors in the PhD programme "Art and Design/Fine Art" at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar will review all the submissions and notify you of its decision regarding your proposed workshop by 15 July, 2011.

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